I have noticed that some of the regular suppliers of the naturediet do not have any stock at the moment.

Looking at comments to their facebook page, it seems that lots of people who regularly feed this are having major issues since a change of packaging has been implemented. Some claiming the food looks and smells off and has made their dogs ill

I have a big order from the beginning of August which seems fine so far. I think this was the old packaging though as it is reassuringly hard to open. I have also not opened the lamb one yet which seems to be the one most commonly causing concerns. I have to say, I avoid the fish one as the smell makes me gag.


We had a letter recently from Nature Diet saying they had a problem with the packaging since they moved factory and that they were withdrawing stocks until they could put the packaging problem right. It is currently out of stock from the wholesaler but giving a re stocking date of 24th October


Many thanks to both of you for posting as I’m sure the shortage will effect a lot of dogs out there. Please keep us updated!

Naturediet have just posted this on Facebook:


It has come to our attention that a post is currently circulating via Facebook that is both defamatory and misleading about Naturediet and its’ products. We would like to reassure all of our customers that this article is completely fabricated and is totally incorrect.

This is not an article that has originated from us and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify the situation and explain the facts, to reassure all of our customers that our products continue to be of the highest quality and safe to use.

The article suggests that we have temporarily ceased production. We have NOT ceased production. In fact, the recent move to our new factory has allowed us to actually increase our production capacity and we now work 24/7 to produce Naturediet menus. We have no intention of ceasing production now or in the future and remain committed to producing the Naturediet food that your pets enjoy.

The post also implies that our food is unsafe. Again this is completely not true and our products continue to be manufactured to strict standards and quality assurance checks. Every individual pack continues to be vacuum sealed, and contrary to the suggestion in this article, bacteria cannot enter the sealed packs since they are cooked to an exacting time and temperature, as approved by DEFRA, which ensures every pack is completely sterile.

The only change you will see is that our packaging looks slightly different and please be assured this is not a cause for concern. The food is now cooked within the packs which gives the top film of the product a more textured appearance and not as taut across the top like our older style packs (please see images attached). This is completely safe and perfectly normal and although the pack lid may have a different appearance, each pack still contains exactly the same recipe and ingredients inside.

We hope this has reassured anyone who was concerned after reading this provocative and misleading article that we continue to produce the highest of quality food for your pets. We would like to extend our apologies for any distress this article may have caused our loyal customers and whilst we are unsure where this misinformation has originated, it is a matter of utmost concern and we fully intend on taking legal proceedings against the authors of these false allegations.



Thanks Dottie!

Wholesaler saying Nature Diet back in stock 3rd Novemeber

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There still seems to be some problems with the Senior/Light variety. No one has stocks in my area and when asking their suppliers they don’t know when they will be getting any from the factory :frowning:

Senior Lite should be available from 5th December according to our supplier. Still don’t know what has happened with ND, they have kept retailers in the dark as much as anyone else and if our lack of recent sales are anything to go by, they need some good PR to regain customer confidence.

Yes, I am concerned about Naturediet wet dog food as well. I have an eleven year old dog who has had cancer and I am extremely particular about his diet. One of his meals is home cooked. However the second meal used to be Naturediet before they changed the formula, I think. Although the official line is 'We’ve changed the factory etc etc…the food that is being produced stinks and is all runny. I have been using Naturediet for years but have now been compelled to think of another alternative because if I feel sick and have to hold my breath while I’m serving my dog food then I will not, under any circumstances offer it to my dog because he’s a member of my family and depends on me to do right by him.

Please Naturediet, bring back the old food…we’re not talking about the packaging (personally I can live with any packaging)…However, it is the food content that concerns me and I refuse to be convinced that it is the same food that we were buying before.

Unless Naturediet return to the original food recipe (there is an adage that if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it), you will lose customers because we care about what our dogs are eating. For years, Naturediet have produced nutritious dog food that doesn’t stink and smell off…why then suddenly today, are we getting food that we have had to return to the pet shop?

Please return to your original formula so that we can start buying your product once again.

This is unfortunate. Is the food that you are obtaining from the pet shop the older stock? Just wondered if that might be the reason yours is rancid. As an alternative, have you checked out Forthglade? There are a number of varieties and all score well on the directory of this website.

I’m buying the Naturediet in bulk on line 18 trays in each box. It comes very well packed but I have twice had to contact Naturediet as in December one of the trays wasn’t sealed and then again this month the same thing. They reply quickly and replace but that’s not really the issue.They say these are one offs ! Anyone else having this problem or have I just been unlucky? I’m seriously thinking of changing brands which is a shame the dogs like it.