Naturediet Dry Food

Looks like Naturediet are to bring out a natural dry food.


Naturediet a company well known for their wet dog food has launched a new dry dog food range and is now live on their website, Naturediet Chicken, Naturediet Chicken & Lamb, Naturediet Sensitive and Naturediet Puppy-Junior available in 1kg, 2kg and 12kg.

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Thank you very much for letting us know about this new range. I recall learning about Naturediet some years ago as the company was part of the Campaign For Real Pet Food. I’ve used their wet food from time to time - it is useful for dogs with a sensitive digestion as it has a relatively plain recipe. The dry food will hopefully be a useful adjunct to their range.

The products are not reviewed in the Directory yet but the ingredient list for the chicken variety is here. They use fresh chicken, not meal so the protein level is a little low at 21%. However, they advise that it can be mixed with their wet food which would bring that up. The 1kg bags which may be ideal for owners of toy breeds or maybe just to try the product. Have to say that their new website is very nice.

They’re also doing a grain free wet tray food as well.

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