Suggestions for wet food please

Hi everyone

We have 2 beautiful Beagles, female is nearly 3 yrs old and our male is neary 2 years old. We currently feed them Naturediet wet food (fish) and Markus Muhle cold pressed too.

They both have sensitive tums and seem ok on the Markus Muhle and have also been ok on the Naturediet. But recently they have not been taking so well to the wet food (Naturediet) which is strange and we have had a few upset tummys too! So I would love some great suggestions for wet food which is on par with Naturediet (or even better to it!) and good for sensitive tums too.

We would love to try something new for them (wet food) and keep them on the Markus Muhle too as they tolerate that really well. By the way we feed two different foods because we found they get bored of just the one so rotate them (morning feed wet then evening feed cold pressed or vice versa!)

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi - Everyone has different opinions about what is best, but, for what it’s worth, the only wet food I would give is Naturavetal complete meals . They have a variety to choose from and they list the percentage of every single ingredient. High meat content, with a good mix of muscle and organ meat. No carrageenan and no nasties. The best thing of all, for me, is that there are no synthetic vitamins and minerals, which doesn’t seem to bother many people, but I am convinced that they are harmful in the long term. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Danny and Vivian, the contacts there, are extremely helpful and they will send you samples before you buy to ensure your dog likes it. They also do cold pressed, but I only have the wet, as I think that’s best. Only thing is, I’ve found you need to give more than the RDA on the tin - work out the calories and how much your dog needs for weight (they are very low carb, which is good) - I think there’s a very useful thing here which will help with this.