Suggestions for wet food please

Hi everyone

We have 2 beautiful Beagles, female is nearly 3 yrs old and our male is neary 2 years old. We currently feed them Naturediet wet food (fish) and Markus Muhle cold pressed too.

They both have sensitive tums and seem ok on the Markus Muhle and have also been ok on the Naturediet. But recently they have not been taking so well to the wet food (Naturediet) which is strange and we have had a few upset tummys too! So I would love some great suggestions for wet food which is on par with Naturediet (or even better to it!) and good for sensitive tums too.

We would love to try something new for them (wet food) and keep them on the Markus Muhle too as they tolerate that really well. By the way we feed two different foods because we found they get bored of just the one so rotate them (morning feed wet then evening feed cold pressed or vice versa!)

Thank you in advance for your help

Hello and welcome to the forum. Have to say that I really like Beagles - lovely dogs. Regarding the food, I checked on the Dog Food Directory of this site and Naturediet Adult scores 4.0. Using this as a starting point I’ve used the filters on the aforementioned page, selecting wet complete under Type of Food and under Rating, moving the slider to between 4 and 5 stars. After clicking ‘Go’ there are four pages. Some are grain free, some have rice so if you have a particular liking for one or the other you can narrow it down further in the Filters list by going to Avoid Ingredients and selecting grain free. There are some really good foods there. Hope that one of them is suitable. The other thing that you might want to consider as it should be OK with your cold pressed food is using one of the raw complete meals. Honey’s, Natural Instinct, Natures Menu and Nutriment are some of these.

Thank you Dottie

I’ve been looking at the varies wet foods and hopefully I can narrow it down now with the help of the fantastic directory! I think it’s going to be trial and error really but we will persevere

Hello and welcome to the forum Beaglesmum,

I know that when suppliers were having issues getting supplies of the new naturediet, they were recommending fourthglade as an alternative as the ingredients are similar.

Sounds like mine has a similar diet to yours. She is still using up a very large order of the old style naturediet, she also has raw, mostly nutriment now but you do need lots of space in the freezer. She has cold pressed (now gentle but she has had Markus Muhle too) as a treat frozen in a kong or just when we go out instead of a gravy bone. I hope you find a good replacement for the naturediet. I don’t think I will be buying it after she has finished her current batch but I haven’t decided what if anything to replace it with. Even though mine eats whatever I give her, I like to think she has some variety.