Concern with Cold Pressed food

Hello Although I mostly raw feed my two Shih Tzu’s I thought I would try some dry food that may help with the older one with itching and when I haven’t taken the raw out of the freezer in time.
With the help of the All About Dog Food directory I decided on Cobbydog Cold Pressed food ( Fish Supper) mainly because of the addition of TumerAid, and the fact that they manufacture it there, as they say they are the only ones to do that in the UK

They are both loving it so have introduced it gradually and feed it for their breakfast and raw at night, which is how I would like to feed them from now on and Cold Pressed allows it to be fed like that.

What I am finding is that the younger dog who is 9kg &10 years old is poohing a lot more ie 4 times a day in fact twice a day more than on completely raw, and my concerns are that the nutrients are not staying in her for want of another way of putting it. Their stools are nice and firm but not as solid as on raw only which much be more comfortable for them when passing them through.

My older one is ok at the moment as she doesn’t always want breakfast and is almost half the weight of the other at just over 5kg &12 years old.
Is this normal with Cold Pressed as they say it is very close to raw which is why I wanted to try it in the first place. Has anyone else noticed this ?

The fibre content in cold pressed food is higher so this will result in an increase in output. The main thing is that the stool is firm. When I give cold pressed food (brown rice version) the dogs pass more poo.

Thank you so much Dottie. That does make a lot of sense I had not thought of. I also chose Cobbydog because on the Dog food directory it gave the percentage of Beet Pulp as only 6%. I have never been a fan of Beet Pulp - rightly or wrongly - always thinking of it as a cheap filler. Also with my dog being quite ‘itchy’ a grain free food was better.
Also I don’t have to buy in large size bags. It does have a long date on it though 20/05/20. It will be gone long before that as I only bought the 3kg bag.
Thank you again for your help, much appreciated.

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My experience is that any food I have fed produces more frequent and larger stools, than raw food. I think the extra fibre is a good things as when on raw my dog sometimes gets constipated. To avoid this I end up adding some veg to her meals.

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Thank you Tinyplanets. This is what I was finding with their poohs they were very much smaller than now but much harder. They have only been on Cobbydog for around 12 days and so far all good and having raw for their tea.

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