Hi opinions please

Hi I’ve just joined the forum and can see there’s lots of good info so thanks. I’m currently researching pros and cons of raw (BARF) feeding due to the fact that hopefully in September our new Bullmastiff puppy will be arriving ;D
My question to the learned is this
Is Dr Ian Billinghurst book Give your dog a bone out of date when you consider it was written in 1993?

Have modern day dry/kibble foods moved on since his book was written? Obviously considering you perhaps get what you pay for.
Look forward to your replies

My view is that dry kibbe is fuel rather than enjoyable food. Ours seem to simply swallow it. 2 out of here also eat barf complete without it touching sides.

Most dry extruded kibbles are baked to a temp too high for my liking ĺeaving me concerned re the true vitamin and nutrition levels left. Carb levels can be relatively high also.

Cold presseed foods maybe worth a look…carb levels look high but this arguably due to the way mineral clay is included as carb content


Welcome to the forum Chadders. I have raw fed my two Shih Tzu’s for several years but recently had been forgetting to take it out of the freezer on time to thaw, (senior moments me thinks !!)
After quite a bit of research of different dry foods I decided to give Cold Pressed CobbyDog a try, really just as a back up for those times I forget to take their raw out. They were enjoying it so I thought I would feed CobbyDog at breakfast and raw for evening meal. The food was good in that their poohs were firm and not as solid as with raw but this is where it failed for my dogs. The volume of ‘output’ was enormous compared to raw. On raw they were ‘going’ about once and occasionally twice a day with very small amounts. On CobbyDog it was 4 and occasionally 5 times a day, and always in a hurry to ‘go’ when I took them out first thing usually about 6 am. I was also concerned with how much the nutrients stayed in their system.
I have put them back on raw only, Wolf Tucker in fact, and they are so enjoying it. We are back to small poohs and about once a day. And as Coaster says it doesn’t touch the sides, gone before turn around. I still have some CobbyDog left and I will use it up as a back up.
With raw there is so much variety they never get bored of it.
This is how it works for me and my opinion only.