Can any one advise please

As some may know on here I have been feeding my two Shih Tzu’s CobbyDog Cold Pressed Fish Supper variety for just over two weeks now. My concerns are that the amount of Pooh they are producing is far more than when on completely on raw food.

At the moment I am giving them raw in the mornings and CobbyDog in the evening. Yesterday they both pooed at least 3 times each and a huge amount each time. Which I find worrying that the nutrients aren’t being retained in their system as long as on raw.

I realise that they are going to produce more but not to that extent.

The reason I started feeding CobbyDog is that my older one itches quite a lot and as CobbyDog has TumerAid included in the food and is very close to raw I thought it may help. I think it is too early to tell if it is helping but they are liking it very much, it is also a bit more convenient that raw in that I haven’t got to remember to take it out of the freezer.
I do soak it in some warm water which I think the younger one is finding it easier to eat.

I have no experience of this particular product but have used brown rice cold pressed food for some time. They do produce a little more poo when on this as opposed to just wet. However, it is formed and not excessive in amount. Cold pressed food is quite dense and the RDA looks minuscule. It is therefore very easy to overfeed so I always weigh the food. Perhaps it might be useful to reduce the amount by 10% and see what happens. As long as the poo is nicely formed and easy to pick up then I try not to worry too much about the amount.

Ah thanks Dottie I may be overthinking this . Yesterday hubby had just mowed the lawn and I saw another poo on there and it was quite a large amount and as he said to me ‘you will need a JCB to pick that up’!!. Then as I was going into the house again there was another one and that was about the fifth one I had picked up yesterday. So far surprisingly neither have done a poo today, mind you I think they were more interested in getting back in the house out of the heavy rain here.
Another reason I chose CobbyDog was it was grain free, to help with the itching of my older dog… I am weighing their food out but will try reducing it by 10% as you suggest and see if it makes a difference.
Thanks again much appreciated.

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I can remember being disconcerted about the amount when I first tried cold pressed food a few years ago. Gentle has the motto that goes something like ‘feed the dog, not the bowl’ and that pretty much sums it up. When I’ve softened the food with warm water the amount looks much more. I still don’t trust myself with quantity so whatever I feed I always weigh the daily amount in the morning.

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I haven’t fed cobby dog but I once tried forthglade cold pressed and found that seemed to cause more frequent and larger stools than the other cold pressed foods.
I agree with Dottie that it is very easy to overfeed cold pressed foods though.

Thank you both very much. Amazingly after writing this earlier today neither have ‘been’ at all today. So maybe it will even itself out so to speak. I did look at Tribal TLC after seeing someone write on here about it, so maybe I will look at trying that once this CobbyDog has finished. Obviously I don’t what to chop and change otherwise I maybe creating more problems for myself and my girls.

Thank you Adopted A Bitza their stools are slightly softer since starting Cold pressed, though not loose and perfectly formed since feeding CobbyDog.
I did have a look at Nuturavetal and looks good. I like that it is available in a small pellet, unfortunately I couldn’t see a grain free variety, which I feed as my older dog itches from time to time. But thank you very much for your time and input it is appreciated.

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Thank you Adopted a Bitza for your info but CobbyDog didn’t work for me, so I have gone back to feeding raw and they are so much happier. I will use up the remaining CobbyDog I have left for times I forget to take their raw out