Advice on wet food for a new fussy puppy please

Hi everyone. I’m sure this question has been asked before, and I did scroll through a lot of posts (amazing forum!) and searched Google but would appreciate some advice from seasoned dog owners.
I have a 6 months French Bulldog, she’s only been with us a month, and is proving to be a handful :). The breeder had her on Iams dry food, which our puppy refused to eat when we brought her home. So I bought her Naturediet for puppies which she’d eat reluctantly when mixed with goats yogurt. Then I decided to give her “the best start in life” and for the last 2 weeks would make her home meals from scratch: salmon, lamb, beef, cod, chicken, pork, lamb hearts, chicken and lamb liver etc mixed with different veg, rapeseed oil and (again) goats yogurt. Some combination she ate, some spat out (she is not a fan of fruit but ok with most veg). But after reading up on dogs nutrition I’m now not convinced I’m qualified on giving her all the nutrients she requires. So this morning I went back to Naturediet which she refused to touch. Even at lunch time after mixing it with salmon (her favourite) and yoghurt I practically had to force feed her. I have ordered 6 cans of Nature’s menu junior from fetch to come tomorrow (after using the dog food directory) and am hoping for the best. Anyone had similar experience with their medium size puppy? And anyone with experience of Nature’s menu? I’m not a fan of dry food and yet to be convinced about raw foods (might try it when she is older, though). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I believe this is not an unusual issue so hopefully someone will be able to share experiences. It sounds like your dog was having a lovely diet before. Like you, I lack the confidence to get a good balance when doing it myself. However it seems she has become used to the good things in life.

I have tried the natures menu raw cubes which are easy to feed as long as you have room in the freezer. My dog enjoyed them but she does with everything. I believe they have just increased the fat levels so worth some research to see of you think they will suit. I haven’t tried the pouches but know of people who have and been happy with them.

It could be she is just holding out for something better {in her eyes} Have you tried taking up any uneaten food after 20 minutes then waiting for the next meal having avoided any treats. I have heard it used as a way to get a fussy dog eating. Not a problem I can relate to as food last about 30 seconds in this house.

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Thank you Tinyplanets :). I normally keep food out for 10 min, if it’s not eaten, it gets put away till next meal. I’m trying to sweeten the “pill” of the feed by mixing “real” food (salmon at lunch time, chicken livers at dinnet) but she doesn’t want to know :). Tries to fish out the tasty bits and leaves her dog food untouched. Looking very sad today, blaming me for starving her… I am tempted to wean her onto raw food (bought, not home made) but read up on bacteria, salmonella etc in the raw meat/chicken, and it worries me as I have two little kids in the house, trying to kiss the dog at every opportunity… how long has your dog been on raw food diet? Thanks.

She has been on raw, probably for a couple of years now. I just get the complete frozen as I am not sure if I could get a good balance myself. she sometimes has cold pressed as well. I don’t have young children in the house and follow the usual hygiene procedures in relation to raw meat. So far no problems.

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There is advice about fussy eaters on this page of the website. As long as your dog is well then I think you should consider choosing a product and stick to it. Home made food can be a good diet as long as it is properly balanced. Some people recommend an all round vitamin supplement with this type of feeding. Calcium is very important so make sure there is enough in your recipes.

Wet food is a good choice and as you mention Natures Menu, the company has a variety. Mine have had the adult pouches and were OK with them. There is a choice of flavours which is a good thing but I think the line up lacks a fish one.

If you choose raw, go with a reputable company that sells complete meals. They are DEFRA approved so this should give you confidence re contamination. However, some people feel that raw feeding is not appropriate in homes where there are children, elderly, ill or immunosuppressed people. Others feel it is not a problem as long as the food is fresh and there is good hygiene. Ready made raw food minimises this because it need not touch kitchen surfaces/utensils. Raw food, when thawed should be kept covered at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Lastly, make sure you weigh the food to make sure you are not over or under feeding.

Thank you so much for your replies Tinyplanets and Dottie! I think I’ll do mixed feed: will start with canned Nature’s menu and Green & Wilds super salmon with added "treats " of organic meats, fish and organs, goats yoghurt for calcium, and then when she is ready to switch to only 2 meals a day, I will put her on BARF. This website and forum are amaking. I spent the whole day reading posts and articles :). I wanted my dog on grain free/ low carb diet (we are a grain free family anyway), so good to know there are good dog food manufacturers out there… thank you again for your input!


My dog was a fussy puppy too but never turned his nose up at natures menu junior in the pink cans… He couldn’t get enough of it!


Thanks for the reply LS25LEE. My puppy seems to getting used to the feed, today she ate the whole breakfast without trying to escape :). Talked to my vet (she is very good) who was not impressed with my choice of feed, she is pro conventional kibble food, saying that I’m paying premium price for no reason… we agreed to disagree. What feed is your dog on now, LS25LEE? How old is he now?

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Wow its great to read posts from people who really care about what they are feeding their dogs. I love the idea of meals cooked from scratch rather than dry food. :smiley:

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