Hello! Complete wet food for holidays from Raw....

We feed our 9 month old wire haired Hungarian Vizsla Natural Instinct. He came away to France with us last week and we brought Natures Menu pouches - he enjoyed them and didn’t cause any upset. Trouble is he required 5 pouches a day (he has always been ‘ribby’ and he was more ribby than usual though very well and thriving). So this worked out quite expensive!
Any ideas for something else? We went for Natures Menu as our old retriever is happy on it and seems a good substitute for raw. No kibble suggestions please as pup has already had one close call with bloat so want to avoid it.
Nature Diet? Tinned something? It’s just for hols but don’t want to a)feed him cr@p or b)break the bank

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Funnily enough I was looking at this just yesterday:


I think it’s quite unique in that it is raw but freeze dried, and it sounds ideal for travelling since you just reconstitute it with warm water - a 3.6kg box makes up to the equivalent of 14.4kg raw food. As you can see it gets a good rating.

Don’t know how easily available it is but I do know you can buy it online from Viovet.

Ah this looks interesting thanks George - I would have to search for non lamb one as that upsets the applecart.
Some of the tinned foods are so expensive. I have also been looking at another Natures Menu, the country hunter tins which are bigger and if two were enough this might work.
Natural Instinct have told me that they can deliver to France but as much as I love my dog, this is a bit excessive for holidays, never mind the cost and freezer space lol

Hello and welcome to the forum. Have you looked at Pure dog food? It’s air dried. You don’t care for kibble but would cold pressed food be acceptable? There are a few about and AFAIK they are OK to use with raw food.

Thank you for the welcome Dottie and I will investigate further :slight_smile:
It’s a shame kibble doesn’t suit him as it’s so convenient.

The cold pressed food that I use is Gentle. The carbohydrate source is brown rice. It is quite different to kibble. Check out the thread on cold pressed dog food here if you are interested.