Naturaw have added Wild Yorkshire Rabbit 500g, £2.45 to their range in a compostable recycled sugarcane tub.


Naturaw have added Naturaw Seasonal – Three Bird ‘Not’ Roast (500g) £2.15 to their range. (Limited Run)


I got my first delivery of naturaw today. I am very impressed with the packaging. The cartons will go in the compost so I am very happy about that. The food was delivered about midday and was out for 4 hours. It was still frozen with the wool liner. The food looks really good but I will report back on that later. The last lot of food I had was Bella and Duke. If I had continued with this I would have had to play with the portion size. I was feeding the same amount as nutriment and my dog seemed hungry and lost weight. I will continue on that amount with the naturaw and monitor.

It seems like Naturaw are experiencing a stock issue at the moment. see here for their statement on twitter. Bad news for me although hopefully they will be back on track soon. Good news for the planet because hopefully this is an indication that there is a growing demand for eco-friendly packaging.

In terms of the food. I found that my dog has started to gain weight rather rapidly. Took me a while but I realised that in order to feed like for like, I need to add some water to make up the weight to 85 grams for my dog. I tried 65gs this morning and when topped up with water this looked very similar to the consistency of the other raw completes I have fed. The naturaw is pretty dry in comparison. I am assuming this is because it needs to be to prevent leakage through the sugar cane cartons. More good news because it means the food should go further. I am hoping the reduced portion will stabilise her weight but will monitor.

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