Just landed — with a second–hand converted Newfie!

Started raw–feeding around the time I discovered that Iams used a biological warfare ingredient to prolong shelf–life on their products — almost twenty years ago. The biological warfare ingredient has now moved into diet drinks and may still be in dog food, but as I don’t use it, I don’t really know.

All about dog food, is a website I often refer people to to check what’s in what they feed. I found it when we got our fourteen–month old rescue Newfie. The rescue told us he had a very delicate stomach and could only eat James Wellbeloved Ocean Fish, so I wanted to check it out — as I suspected high in carbohydrate and also high in salt.

He had a raw chicken drumstick when we got home; it didn’t make him sick. He had a couple more for breakfast; so far so good. From then on it was all raw, and the couple of days food he came with were used as training treats.

I get most of my meat direct from my butcher: mince, chicken carcasses and ox liver. The tripe and white fish is from Nature’s Menu. Overall cost to feed a 50 kg dog, £1 a day — James Wellbeloved Ocean Fish £1.90. Winnning all the way.

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Hello and welcome Catrin. Your Newfie has surely found a great new home and much better diet by the sound of it. In the past I fed JWB for some time and only came off it because one of the girls had awful skin and coat - dandruff, dryness of skin but oily coat. Didn’t realise it had salt in until I read the review on here. Sounds like you are quite experienced in raw feeding - nice to have you with us.

Hi Catrin!
I must say, I’m a tad envious of your ability to get the bulk of your meat from your butcher :slight_smile: I get most of mine from a raw supplier but I’m developing a good relationship with my butcher. I got my first bag of free scraps on my last visit! It’s still too expensive to get the bulk from him though. I rely mostly on Nurturing by Nature and a few Natures Menu tidbits. I’m feeding two Cavaliers for £40/month (that includes treats)

Hello and welcome Catrin. I am glad your newfie and his stomach is doing well on his new diet. It sounds like you do very well from your butcher. Mine provides bones very cheaply once in a while but it is hit and miss.

Hi Catrin, welcome
We are lucky with our butcher too, he lets me have free bones and I buy a bit of shin beef from him for the boys to tear apart for their teeth. I used to feed JWB but it didn’t suit Arnie.