Raw &/or Raw Complete feeders...What do you feed ?

As indicated elsewhere we are currently happily feeding (Nutriment) raw complete.

Currently quite happy feeding Nutriment. Mainly feeding the salmon & chicken or the Salmon & Turkey (not on the nutriment website & primarily sold for those wanting fish based diet yet whose dogs dogs are intolerant to chicken).

By now most will know that my main dog feeding loyalty is to our dogs, not individual food manufacturers &/or suppliers.

Some searching online has resulted in me reading various internet content & forum posts. This caused me to find rawpetsupplies.co.uk
I have been loooking at their website & they sell a wide variety of pre packaged raw products from a variety of manufacturers. The MVM & Bulmer products seem fairly well priced. Bulmer salmon & kelp currently comes in at 70 pence for 454g. Bulmer pet foods also have their own site where more savings can be made…their new southern england warehouse not a million miles away from me.

The rawpetsupplies website also has other products including Paleo Ridge.

Despite first dabbling with raw complete (Nutriment) a couple of years ago, I am aware that I am back on a steep learning curve with raw/barf/raw complete products, (I am better informed re dry complete kibbles).

I am very aware that there are variations to feeding raw or raw based products. Some hard core raw feeders go right back to basics…I respect personal choices (but have two animal loving vegetarian humans in the house). I am not a hypocrite, but not expecting to be feeding whole rabbits, pigs heads, complete organs, roadkill or loitering at local abbatoir anytime soon !

As indicated I currently happily feed a raw complete (which includes superfood veggies). I am aware that some feed RAW without veg considering veg not to be a requirement. I have read about what folk consider to be correct ratios of meat, bone & organ content in the bowl.

For me nutrition & quality are key, other desireable factors are using decent suppliers, (who dont deliver rancid food) , ease of preparation, lack of horrific bowl content & last but NOT least cost.

Raw & Raw based feeders…

What do you feed & why ?

Where do you source ?

Do you use suplements (fish oil, coconut oil etc) ?

Costs ?

Any other comments or experiences ?

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Due to my lack of knowledge, I also feed nutriment. I have had a brief look at paleo ridge.

Getting the balance right seems like a mammoth task at times. My gut instinct is to include veg so I like that nutriment has greens in. My dog will seem to seek out greens at times.

I don’t use supplements. The nutriment contains coconut oil and hopefully everything else she needs.

I like that ethics are a consideration for nutriment too.

I occasionally feed some cold pressed food for a couple of meals. Sometimes the raw can make the stools hard and if I see her struggling, a day or two on cold pressed normally helps.

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Thanks for reply

I believe stools that turn white when left are inducative of the bone content in the food.

I have also looked at wolftucker which contains some veg. Price wise compared to nutriment there is little in it…wolftucker don’t currently do a fish based raw complete

Inidentally I woukd like to see percentage ammounts of individually listed superfood or veg ingredients.

I may later get some of the bulmer salmon & kelp to try as it comes in half the price of the nutriment. Maybe worth considering for some meals each week.

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I hadn’t really sat down to work out the cost but if I have done it correctly, it add up to about £3.20 a week. With one small dog, I don’t have to worry too much about budget. That seems very reasonable anyway. It may be different if I had multiple or bigger dogs.

I am always intending to look around but have been happy with nutriment. My dog seems to hold her weight on quite a generous portion. She has lost weight on other raw completes even with bigger portions.

I agree the percentage of veg would be good to know. I do tend to add a little extra veg when we have it anyway.

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Coaster, I feed Paleo Ridge Raw completes including Nutriment Veg Plus at 15% and Nutriment completes for their Chicken,Turkey to extend variety. Nutriment adult completes have 15% veg including superfoods. I like both companies for their ethics. I do supplement with PetPlus (Susanna McIntyre, holistic vet). Also supplement with AllicinMax (stabilised allicin). I only have the one dog at present and haven’t given cost much thought. After losing dogs in the past young and old from various illnesses, which is what happens in life, I now supplement. I have to say this little chap who has Hollywood white teeth is the most happy, vibrant, fit and healthy companion one I could ask for.



Lab weighs in at a relatively trim 26kg & currently on 500g per day ( near to feedi g 2% of bodyweight) .

Salmon is currently ÂŁ1.85 per tray which works out at ÂŁ12.95 per week.

Pug is around 8.5kg but on 250g per day (around 3% of bodyweight) so ÂŁ6.47 per week.

If I collect Nutriment from local supplier, (collection only), I get a 10% discount so £17.53 for both dogs per week…still near £55 per month.

I could feed both dogs for ÂŁ30 a month if I carefully source raw salmon minces & chuck in some veg at home.

Not looking to change overnight but literally food (& maths) for thought.


Genuinely impressed with your feeding & supplements. I have looked at petplus in the past with interest & have posted elsewhere re currently adding diamateous earth. I am considering giving Zara’s Tea as a boost & on back of recent mast cell removal with the Lab… it contains african bush willow which has allegedly been trialled & is allegedly a natural cancer fighting substance. I will read more re the garlic supplement.

Coaster, there is next to nothing as far as I am aware on stabilised allicin and dogs on the internet at least I have found very little indeed. It is antibacterial, anti cancer, anti fungal, antiparasite, antiviral and so much more. Stabilised allicin was developed some years ago by British Biochemist Peter Josling and team for humans and animals. There is a lot of information available for humans. It is used to treat Lymes Disease, MRSA. amputee infections, common cold all sorts of illnesses that challenge us and our pets. Many people give AllicinMax to their dogs for a variety of diseases including skin diseases and daily well being, stabilised allicin has also been used on Bonnet Macaques with dysentery and mastitis in cows. As far as I know there isn’t a specific stabilised allicin product for pets in the UK but in some countries there is and it is called Allipaws and Allipet so AllicinMax is used in the UK. As there is so little information on the web if you want to research further the best thing to do is contact http://www.allicin.co.uk/
They have always answered any questions that I have put to them and of course have the knowledge of stabilised allicin and dogs including suggested dosage.
I have heard of Essiac Tea but not Zara’s Tea, an interesting find. Is it actually available in the UK?


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I looked at the company website you mentioned yesterday & have read all your comments with interest.

Re Zaras Tea… Link can be located if you Click here

You wlll need to open that link to see further links to various info. Some of the content might not appeal to all but it makes for some interesting reading. Product is currently available in the U.K. albeit customers wanting this have to sign a legitimate disclaimer due to a legal conflict issue (not easy to explain in a few lines but the website provides more info). I am reluctant to post more info here but must stress the disclaimer is for legal protection reasons only.

I have one question I’m hoping you could help me with. I have 2 labradors. One is 2 years old the other 3 months.
I feed them raw food with an 80/10/10 mix.
I am looking to give them a dry biscuit as well as I can’t afford to feed only raw.
Should I look for a complete biscuit or a complementary one? And do I need to have different biscuits for puppy? Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks in advance!!