Im looking for some raw dog food for my sprollie can anyone recommend any ?
my son inlaw let me try some Naturaw tripe and heart and my dog loved it

Many thanks in advance Daz

My dog likes eating horse faeces and old bbq remains.

Not saying there is anything wrong with the product brand mentioned… my point is dogs can show enthusiasm when eating lots of different thing’s. Look beyond the desire to consume I say. That said - On quickly checking composition of one of their products it seems acceptable and relatively fairly priced.

One observation is their products seems aligned to, (80/10/10), prey model…I personally tend to feed barf raw completes (which includes veg)…I also use suppliers/brands I have spoken to and used for a good while so confident re what’s in their specific foods, sourcing, quality control, customer service etc.

I will go so far as to comment that I would probably give the brand a try if I wanted to trial a prey model diet.

A lot may depend on whether you source locally or by mail order…as this can affect the maths & sourcing convenience longer term.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I don’t feed raw although I have briefly done so in the past. I didn’t have the confidence or desire to do DIY so I chose completes and trialled two popular brands. As you are new to this, I would advise you to do the same. You can find the various products on the Dog Food Directory of this website. Tick the filter for raw completes and it will return a number of suitable products.

I have used poppies picnic , and luna and me both good. :slight_smile: