Evolution & Natures menu wet food

Just a quick question for those who feed evolution or natures menu country hunter tins, are either/both or them chunks in jelly or more of a pate type food?
My Border Collie is very fussy and wont eat chunks in jelly or gravy, only mushy food (like forthglade) so want to know whats in the tin before I fork out for it.
Thanks in advance

I have never used either of these products so I don’t know what the consistency is like. Have you checked teeth and gums of your BC? Just wondering if his reluctance to chew might have a physical cause. The other thing that might be worth considering is soaking kibble. It can be made nice and crumbly so the texture might be suitable for him. If you purchase one that is nice and smelly (perhaps with some fish in it) this should tempt him to eat.

Yeah teeth and gums all fine. She’s only two and had a health check a month ago when she went for her annual jabs. She eats biscuits etc fine. She just turns her nose up at chunks in jelly, or if she does have a go she tends to just lick it off and leave the meat and is just generally wasteful. She wolfs down her Forthglade and wainwrights though and anything of that sort of texture.

Hi Bexter458,

I sometimes feed my spaniel natures menu country hunter tins and they are not chunks in jelly or gravy they are just the meat - sort of a pate I guess you could call it so your collie might go for it.

Pets at home sell country hunter as single tins so maybe you could try just one tin to see if your dog enjoys it?

Sorry I have no experience of the other food you mentioned.

Hope this helps!

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Ah that’s fab thanks sounds like the sort of food she likes. Thank you!


Not sure if you’re still wanting replies but I feed my dog Evolution Naturally and it’s not a chunky food - it’s pate style. I’ve tried all the wet food flavours and they’re all like this.

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