Natures Menu chicken products

Anyone else have problems with their chicken mince products?
All eight of my dogs turn their noses up at chicken,they mess about with the rabbit and lamb as well as they are mostly chicken!! They flatley refuse the turkey too.
I have tried Forthglade raw chicken and they are fine with that.Im thinking of going the forthglade route as i can order it for myself at work .We actually stock Natures Menu and one or two customers are also having difficulty getting their dogs to eat the chicken.
Any thoughts?

I don’t know the answer to your question as I only know one person who feeds NM and she uses the Country Hunter nuggets. She hasn’t mentioned anything wrong with these. She usually gives a variety of flavours and her dog is doing well on it.

Thank you Dottie.
Ive no problems with the counrty hunter range,its just the 400g blocks of chicken they refuse.Its not that they are being fussy as i dont allow that in my dogs and with all of them too.Even my pups wouldnt eat it.
Not a problem i just wont get any of that in future.

Sorry I have only tried the Country hunter range as well. Also the banquet dinner but I don’t think that one had chicken in. All have gone down well. That said I have a dog that will happily chomp down her medication as it comes!

I have 6 dogs all all of them are feed on the natures menu mince range and have had no trouble at all, they seem to love it.

My 7 dogs do not like any of the natures food, especially the lamb they won’t touch. Since last year I cook myself for the pack. So boiled chicken, vegetables, chicken livers, white fish.

In the morning they all get raw chicken including the bones.

It is cheaper and very healthy, and most importantly they love it.