Hello from me and Sev

Hello, I’ve just joined after discovering this website through a friend and it’s interesting to hear about other people’s experiences.

I have a 6 month old Chihuahua named Severus and he’s my first dog so this is all very new to me but I’d always known that I wanted to invstigate raw feeding with him. He currently eats Nature’s Menu and he’s doing well on it but I’m open to trying other brands with him. The only problem I’ve encountered so far with him is that he’s not really keen on chunkier minces. Is this likely to improve as he grows up or is he likely to always be a bit picky about it?

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Hello and welcome to the forum. As your pup is doing well on Nature’s Menu there should be no reason to change. Just give a variety of flavours.

Hi! If your pup is doing well on Nature’s Menu then that’s brilliant, variety is the aim so switching up brands and favours is also really good. My pup was the same, not liking chunkier minces, but I found a couple of brands he loved, including; Benyfit Natural, VOM, and Natural Instinct. These are often cheaper than Nature’s Menu, and IMO they have much better quality ingredients. Hope this helps a bit x

It’s a long time since I fed raw pet food but I recall using Nutriment which has a soft consistency. The problem is that you need small pack sizes when you have a small breed dog. That’s why Nature’s Menu is so useful - you just take out the number of cubes that you need. There are other companies who sell smaller portion size so it’s worth looking around. Nutriment sells meatballs.

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