Help with choosing food

Hi I’m looking for some advice on what to feed my puppy. She was raised on raw by her breeder but went off it and refused to eat it - I’ve tried different makes . Have now also tried Lily’s kitchen and forthglade wet foods but I dont think she likes the texture (like pate and smooth) the only thing she’ll eat is chinks of cooked meat and I’m concerned she’s not getting all the nutrients she needs. Does anyone know which other foods I can try that have chunkier texture any other suggestions greatly appreciated thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum. Please can you let us know how old your puppy is and what breed? This could be something to do with teething and sore gums.

Thanks for your reply Dottie! Lola is a 14 week old cavapoo - she wolfed down the last of the cats chunky food in gravy before I could whip it out of the way so wondering what food with a good nutritional content might be similar texture. Or any other advice really welcome

At that age it’s possible that her mouth is sore due to teething. However, it’s important not to allow her to become a fussy eater. We have a thread about this here.

I can’t help you regarding wet food texture because I have only used a very few varieties and I don’t know the exact texture of the cat food. It might be better to decide whether you want to use dry or wet food then use the Dog Food Directory filters to narrow down the search. Dry food can be moistened to make it easier for the dog just while the gums are sore. If you need any help using the Directory please ask and we will try to help.