Natures menu, country Hunter - superfood crunch

Hi, Has anyone any experience of feeding the complete dry food by natures menu - Superfood crunch ?
It is not currently on the sites listing. How can I find out if this is nutritionally better than the canned food ? many thanks :slight_smile:

I have tried it using it for treats for my dog, did not buy anymore as it has 36% oats and 14% potato which I thought for a dog food it was too high. And the stools were a bit loose when I gave it to my dog. But your dog may be able to digest it. :slight_smile:

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Hi I did the same a few years back when I was feeding raw and was looking at travel snack. I only ever fed it as treats.

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On the Instant Reviewer Generator it scores 64%. As Rebecca says, it has a high carbohydrate content due to the oats and potato. I would be inclined to fortify the food with extra cooked fish, meat or poultry.