A matter of Ethics

An article from the Independent newspaper on the ethics of pet food.

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That is a very interesting and thought provoking article - thank you for finding and sharing it. The thread that David has started on his work of overhauling the rating algorithm has included some comments about ethics in animal food production and I know from the Facebook page that some people are concerned about this (me included). I haven’t given enough thought to it in the past but I do now and as I said in that thread, I don’t want animals to suffer for the sake of mine so I would like to buy food from companies who attach importance to animal welfare. If David could incorporate this, even as an optional extra in the the new rating system then I think it would at least draw pet owners’ attention to the matter.

I would find it helpful if members could use this thread to feed back any information that they have about companies who do consider ethical treatment of the animals that are used in their food. The article mentions Honeys and Laverstoke as well as Burn’s Penlan Farm. Natures Menu have this on their website:

Our experts source and select human grade meat cuts for Natures Menu dog and cat foods from British meat suppliers. We make sure the products are ethically reared and where possible, we deal directly with the grower, farmer or meat provider.
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Food for thought indeed. Since having a dog, I have generally felt more uncomfortable about the way animals are treated I choose toiletries and cosmetics which are not tested on animals and I have been trying more meat free recipes with a view to becoming vegetarian myself but I have not really considered it much in terms of pet food. More information would be useful.


An article from Mollie Morrissette’s Poisoned Pets website. Ethics of Pet food " Horrific abuse of rabbits used in pet food, investigation reveals."

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Pets at Home has removed all its pet foods containing rabbit as an ingredient.

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This would be immeasurably desirable for me as a consumer.

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