Absolute best food for a French Bulldog.


I have recently become the owner of my first dog. He’s a French Bulldog. What i would like to know is what the absolute healthiest dog food/diet is? I am lucky enough that cost and time are not an issue. The only thing i would like to ensure is his health.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. We cannot tell you what to feed - there are too many products to choose from. Also, we try to remain impartial. However, we can guide you in choosing something yourself. Please can you tell us how old your dog is? Also, what are you currently feeding and is he ok with the food? What is your budget? Lastly, have you taken a look at the Dog Food Directory of this website?


He is currently 12 weeks old. I understand you can not tell me what to feed him so perhaps a better question would be according to your reviews, which dog food is considered the healthiest and is also made up entirely of completely natural ingredients. I do not want to feed him dried food and i would like the food which uses the highest quality meat, which if researched, can be proven. I do not have a budget. Cost is not a problem.

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Hello and welcome to the forum, You could use the search detailed in this thread If you search by the highest rated and add any other requirements such as ingredients you will find foods to match your requirements. There are lots to chose from.

You can also have a look here to see what others have chosen to feed but it is very much a case of personal preference.

You should find it easy to source a good product because you know that you want a wet food with a high score.

  • Go to the Dog Food Directory
  • Under Filters, select wet for the type of food
  • Under Rating move the slider to 4.5 to 5.0
  • Click Go

This returns two to three pages. The only one that scored the full five stars when I did it was Millie’s Wolfheart cans. However, you should know that a product that scores the highest might not necessarily be the best for any particular dog - they are all different. Have a look and see which you prefer. When you have chosen one or two, come back to us if you want advice about it.

The other thing to consider is that many of the raw complete foods score highly so if you have freezer space and want to discuss this, please let us know.

Based on your comments re cost & time beingnon issues…My recomendations would be to try…

  1. Home cooked grain free using quality ingredients
  2. Nutriment - raw complete.
    3.Ziwi Peak - Air dried
  3. Orijen - freeze dried.

What may work for one dog might not work for another.

Could have directed you to review generator but was sensing you wanted specific recomendations.

1985goldie - as Coaster has said, a properly balanced, home cooked diet is arguably the best way to feed a dog. However, you would need to learn how to provide this so that your dog is not nutrient deficient. Frenchies are prone to skin and breathing problems so it may be best to stick with simple recipes, be it home cooked or commercial. Also feed two or three times per day and use a slow feeder to prevent him from swallowing air. Brachycephalic breeds are known for this and subsequent flatulence.