choosing the right puppy food

hello guys my name is lorna and im after some advice please, puppies have been weaned onto raw but have had trouble since day dot and are not getting enough nutrient and have nutritional issuses and have been advised to come off raw onto a hi nutritional value puppy meat and kibble food, they are 8 week old french bulldogs what would you suggest plz.
thank you for reading x

Hi - welcome to the forum. I’d say it’s dependent on your budget, type of food and whether you are happy to order from a supplier online, or perhaps need to buy in store.

You ought to be able to look through the website to find a suitable food for your puppy using the parameters to help find something suitable.

I feed Wainwrights kibble from pets at home as well as Natures menu tinned steamed food. Both go down a treat. I had problems getting him to eat just kibble so have managed to find a happy medium with the two.

Wainwrights gets a decent score and is available in all pets at home stores. They do dry kibble, Meat trays and tinned foods.

Best of luck

Hello and welcome to the forum. I’m a bit confused about your post. Have you purchased an eight week old French Bulldog puppy that has been weaned onto raw meat by the breeder? Maybe you are the breeder? Also, who has said that they have nutritional problems and how are these being manifested? Is it your vet? Can you let us know what kind of raw diet you were giving including quantities and frequency of feeds?

I have to say that I cannot help you with feeding a raw diet to puppies because I don’t feed it myself and do not have the knowledge to give a balanced diet. However, there are a number of companies that sell raw complete products and these should not cause nutritional deficiencies because all the work on creating a balanced diet has been done by the company. Please post back if you wish to try one of the raw complete meals and we can advise.

If you really feel that you want your puppy to go onto a dry complete food then you need to do a little bit of homework because there are so many on the market these days that it is impossible to say which one you ought to go for. Head off over to the Dog Food Directory and have a look at the filters on the left hand side. These will help you to narrow down your search.

  • Start at type of food - select dry complete
  • Under food properties choose clearly labelled and Natural - you can select the others if you want.
  • Move the rating slider to 4 - 5 stars you will automatically get the better quality products.
  • Under avoid ingredients tick all red.
  • Click go.

You should now have some good products in the list on the right hand side of the screen. Go through the list and see which ones you prefer. Some are easier to obtain than others and if your chosen product is online only it is going to be rather tight for Christmas delivery. It may be best to select something that you can easily get, at least in the short term. If you click ‘Buy’ at the top of each individual product review it will tell you where you can purchase from.

As puppy is so young you may have to soak the kibble first, particularly as he is used to having raw meat. With my pup I used to put the food into a plastic container about 20 minutes before the meal, pour warm water onto it then cover with the lid. This tends to soften it quicker. I then used to crumble the food up with my fingers, much like making shortcrust pastry.

Please post back with some more information and to let us know how you get on/what you decide to do. Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the forum Lorna, I can’t really add to what other have said but just wanted to say hi. I hope you can find a suitable food for your pups.