Acute pancreatitis - gluten free food required

Hi Hope some one can help. I have a 5.5 year old Border Terrier currently being treated for acute Pancreatitis. The vets are tempting her to eat with cooked chicken but moving forwards I need to find a simple complete food as I have lots of dogs. The added complication is she has mild CECS so the food must be grain free. So far found Fortglade wet Beef & veg which is 4.5%. Any suggestions please TIA ?

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have moved your post to it’s own thread as you have specific requirements for your dog. For reference, the existing pancreatitis thread is here.

A few questions:
Please can you let us know what your vet has suggested? Has he or she mentioned the percentage of fat?
Do you wish to feed dry or wet food?
Do you have a tight budget?
What is CECS?

There are so many products to choose from that you need to narrow down the search.

Not had this problem with my dog, but Pure dog food is worth looking at, there are reviews on pancreatitis and help was found with this food.
This is a dehydrated food which you rehydrated with warm water.
I hope that you can find a food which helps. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response- my answers-

Firstly the vets, 3 sets have been involved with treating her so far - have just mentioned low fat, no specifics, suggested Royal Canine as its 1.5% but it is not gluten free. No mention about dry matter.

Budget, its a small dog so along as its not more expensive than our food, budget is not an issue, time to prepare is a consideration.

Dog prefers dry but ideally mix of both

Canine Epitoid Cramping syndrome. (Spikes disease) - Not fully understood but specific breeds appear pre disposed. Manifests itself from with anything from slight tremors to cramping ‘fits’ episodes. Causes vary but seems to help if moved from a non grain diet (my girl improved a lot) but stress/loud noises also linked to triggers. There is a facebook group. Unfortunately research at the AHT is no longer done due to it closing.
Hope that helps?

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Hello Karkie. Thank you for the additional information. Pancreatitis can be either acute or chronic and as your Border is classed as acute, presumably you just need a low fat diet until he fully recovers. The usual advice is to feed low fat food but as the vet has not specified an exact percentage I take this to mean 9-12%. I have done a quick search in the Dog Food Directory using the following parameters:

  1. Type of food - dry.
  2. Food properties - clearly labelled/certified nutritionally complete/grain free.
  3. Avoid ingredients - all red/all yellow.
  4. Nutrient levels - fat/oil slider 9% to 12%.

It returned two pages of products which I cannot reproduce here so you will need to do that yourself. Of those, these look hopeful:

  • Tribal Fresh Pressed nutritional rating of 84%. There is another Tribal product in the list (senior).
  • Cobbydog Fish Supper has a nutritional rating of 88%. These three foods are cold pressed so if you are minded to go with one of them, have a look at our thread on this type of food.
  • Pure air dried Fish Supper. It has a good nutritional rating of 88%. This is the one that Rebecca recommended.

If you repeat the search you can have a good look at the options and see which one suits. As for mixing with wet food, I would advise you to hold back on this for now. Wet foods tend to have a higher fat level than dry foods and I think it is best to keep things simple. All of these foods are nutritionally complete but they can be enhanced with fresh cooked food to give a bit of variety and flavour. We have a thread on this here. You could choose low fat options. Green vegetables such as broccoli are particularly nutritious.

Thanks Dottie, that has given me some thing to work with.

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