Good evening everyone. I need your help, we have a three and a half year old cockapoo, who, unfortunatelybhascjust in the last few days been diagnosed with pancreatitis. Vet advised feeding him a low fat diet and suggested a low grade wet food. I declined politely. He understood,

However thecpampered pooch also has Alergiescto beef chicken venison white fish salmon soy and nettles so trying to find a good quality low fat wet (preferably) food is proving somewhat of a mine field. Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum. You don’t say what percentage of fat (dry matter) you are looking for but assuming it is circa 10%, the only one that I could find in the Dog Food Directory is Step Up Puppy Food but it would not be suitable due to your dog’s intolerances.

Wet food tends to have higher fat levels so you might need to look at dry food and soak it. If you need help using the Dog Food Directory to source such a product, please ask.

Pure makes a dehydrated veg mix and AFAIK all you have to do is add the protein source. If this is something that is of interest, please contact the company for advice.

We have a section on home cooking here which might be helpful.

The thread on pancreatitis is here and David has written an article here.

Has your vet advised you to try a supplement (added to food) called Lypex?
As for feeding there is a company called Butternut Box who do fresh “home cooked” style food and deliver to your door fortnightly. I’ve seen on their Facebook page people asking if their menus are suitable for dogs with pancreatitis and they ask those people to email them to see what they can do, it may be worth getting in touch with them.
Hope your pup is doing ok.