Fat content in wet food

Hi, this website was recommended to me when I was looking for a different food for one of my dogs who was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. It’s been very helpful.
I’ve been learning about fat content but I’m confused about wet food, as a simple guide for myself I look for food with a fat content of less than 10%. On the tin of the food I have for my other dogs it says Crude oils and fats 6.9% so I thought this would be acceptable to give him a little taster to encourage him to eat his biscuits but when I check the review it says that it’s very high in fat?
I hope someone can please help
Thanks in advance

Hi Chelleandrew, what is the food called and I can have a look and see.

Thank you Tinyplanets it’s Akela wet food. I’ve just read a post on Pancreatitis (which is what my dog has been diagnosed as having) and it’s been the most helpful bit of reading I’ve come across in all my research. The comparison of wet food fat content to dry is still too complicated for me but am I right in thinking really theres no such thing as a low fat wet food?

AFAIK you are right about low fat wet food (at least for good quality). Penlan Farm chicken is the lowest I could find - it has 12% fat. There is a thread here on calculation of dry weight. Soaking low fat dry food is an alternative.

Thank you for your replies. I’ve started to add water to his food to encourage him to eat it.
So in treats would it be the same that less than 10% is not always going to be low fat?

I still get a bit confused by the comparison between wet and dry weight nutrient levels. Just when I think it has sunk in, I have to look again but yes, with wet food, you need to try and find the levels for the food if the moisture was removed so the amount stated can be misleading.

As Dottie says and as you have found, it is hard to find a low fat wet food.

In terms of treats, I would think the same would apply. You would need to look at dry weight fat levels for moist treats.

If you just want to use it as a topper, there’d be no problem with using a wet cat food. How about something like Canagan grain free wet cat food?

Lots of varieties but all very low fat, the chicken for example is 1.2% fat, which is just 5% fat on a dry matter basis, I don’t think this site lists any dog foods that low, even dry foods.

I feed him poached chicken as a treat and was thinking I could use the cooking water in his food but is that where the fat goes? It’s so hard to do the right thing, I’m so grateful for any replies. The Vets that diagnosed him were only interested in selling me Prescription Diet they couldn’t answer any feed questions.