Doberman with chronic pancreatitis

Hello I have a 4 year old Doberman who has chronic pancreatitis. The vets put him on Royal canin low fat gastro intestinal dry food. He also has to have Omeprazole and oral suspension meta am daily :frowning:
Can anyone recommend anything better for my dog, something cheaper for a start but also something that is suitable for his condition.

Hello and welcome to the forum. First of all, I would say that if you do decide to change the food you ought to discuss it with the veterinary surgeon. It is important that you show him or her the ingredient list. A good way of sourcing a different food is to ask the vet what you need to look for. If he or she can give you information re protein and fat percentages and any other relevant things then you will be able to use the Dog Food Directory to find something suitable. We can help you with this.

Usually the vet advises a low fat diet so if you could ascertain the exact percentage it would be helpful. Also, do you want to give dry or wet food? There is more choice with dry - there are very few low fat wet food products. Next, do you want the food to contain grain or would you prefer grain free?

There are a few threads on here about pancreatitis here, here and here. There might be something in those that is helpful.

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Hello and welcome to the forum,
I can’t really add to what Dottie has said. I hope you can find some information from the other threads which can help.

Have you tired consulting with a dog nutritionist to get advise ? The cost of the nutritionist would soon be paid off in cheaper food bills if you could home feed or find a suitable commercial food rather than expensive prescription diet.

I agree - a nutritionist referral would be a good idea. However, where to find and independent one? David posted about this subject on the Facebook page and I started a thread about it - (see here.) You can see by the response that they seem to be thin on the ground. I sent an email to Weeth (the link in that thread) some months ago and have not received a reply so I do not know if the person is still providing a service.