Advice needed re change of food

Hi all, im new to the site after being recommended to it by a friend who told me the error of my ways!

I have always fed my now 2 year old boxer on 240g Wagg complete dry, mixed with a 400g tin of Winalot complete wet food 2 times a day.

I have now seen the website review for both! Hence why I’m here and now changing it!

Given that he has always eaten that, he his in very good shape and has no conditions to note. I have now ordered Markus Mühle Natural Dog Food (rated 4.5 / 5 on here) as that will be a much better option.

My question is though, should I still mix a wet food into it or just feed it as it is?

Thanks in advance and feel free to give me any pointers!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Markus Mühle NaturNah is a good choice. We have an existing thread about cold pressed foods and you can find it here. It is a bit lengthy but there is some general advice about how to use this type of product. It is different to kibble and one of the main things to remember is that it is heavy so you need less food in the bowl. Best to weigh it until you are confident in the amount required. It is easy to overfeed the dog.

With regards to adding wet food, Markus Mühle is a complete food so it is not necessary to supplement. However, some people use a topper of wet food to enhance flavour and give variety. In this case the base food may need to be reduced. In the initial transition period I think it is better to just give the MM until you are sure your dog is ok with it. Transition slowly to ensure your dog has time to adjust to the new food. There is useful advice about this on the Guru website.

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