Lost interest in his Markus Muhle

Hi, I adopted/ my 9yo black Labrador 3 months ago, he had been fed on Eukanuba previously. After lots of reading, I switched him over onto Burns, which he didn’t like. I then switched to MM black Angus, which he seemed to love. He has eaten half of the 15kg bag, but suddenly seems to have lost interest in it and is leaving his brekkie. He’s not off food, plenty of interest in other stuff! I mixed in a bit of wet food, which seems to have helped. Anyone else had this, and how did you overcome it?

Hello and welcome to the forum. That has to be a first - a picky Labrador. Never seen one - they usually eat anything and everything. LOL I often think that the problem with dry food is that there is no variety - same thing every day. When I fed cold pressed food to give variety I used to reduce the amount a bit and top up with home cooked food, eg chicken, egg, sardines, cooked mashed vegetables, blueberries. If you go on YouTube and search for Rodney Habib you will see some of his videos about enhancing dry food with fresh. There’s a thread about feeding the fussy dog here.

That’s a very interesting thread, thank you! MM is good quality food, by all accounts, but I might try getting a good wet food as a topper/mix in!

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Yes, it is good quality and it’s a shame to change if your dog is doing well on it. Regarding the wet food topper, to create balance, maybe look for one that has low carbohydrate because MM has above average carbs. That’s why I used to enhance with fresh protein containing foods. You can use the Dog Food Directory to source a suitable product.

For enhancement with fresh food, the Rodney Habib videos that might be useful are as follows:
What to Add To Pet Food To Make It Better!
Dr. Karen Becker & Rodney Habib: Feeding Vegetables to Dogs.
They just give an idea about adding fresh food to give variety.