Good (dry) food with a smell?


My pug has had Fish4Dogs for most of his life (7 years), always been very enthusiastic about it, and everyone who meets him comments on his soft coat.

Recently, he has gone off it, and I noticed that the new bags don’t have much of a scent - before they were quite fishy, but these bags smell much more generically dusty (we lived abroad before, and I think they might have still been old recipe bags, but they were always in date).

Now I’m struggling to find anything he will eat. Tried Fishmongers Finest, various random brands with high meat content, and an array of Akela samples. Every one smells the same to me - dusty, generic dog meal - and Mori just sniffs each bowl and then walks off.

I’ve tried toughing it out, and he will eventually eat a single bowl after a day or so, but clearly isn’t loving it. Rice, chicken etc. he eats instantly.

It might be that we have to change to wet food, but would love suggestions if anyone knows some good brand dry food that has a scent.

Hello and welcome to the forum,
I haven’t fed many dry foods but when I fed Markus Muhle cold pressed food a few years ago, I remember that it had quite a strong smell that my dog seemed to like. I wasn’t so keen but then again, I didn’t have to eat it. :-\

Edited to add You could also try adding some warm water to your chosen food. That will release some of the odour and possibly make it more appealing to your dog.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give both a go and see if he’s any keener.

I’m currently feeding Gentle cold pressed, the fish one and it has a definite whiff! If you send them an email they should send you out a sample to try! I second the warm water suggestion, helps entice my fussy dog!

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