UGH :(

So I had my dog Ranger on Hermanns duck and sweet potato, which he tolerated great. Well, now I opened a new delivery and I think the tins are bad :frowning: They are brownish instead of the usual pink. Ranger hesitated before eating it too, which he never does, although he then did eat it. Now he has diarrhea :frowning:

I contacted the company with pictures and will also call them if they don’t respond by tomorrow, but it just frustrates me that again I have issues :frowning: I wish I could just do homecooked but I don’t have the time or resources. However, I may consider doing that if I find 100% meat tins. Anyone have any suggestions on 100% meat tins and/or another quality wet food that has limited ingredients?

Such a shame the food is not as it usually is. I have looked at a few of the things I thought might be suitable but they all have either carrots or one of the meats he cant have in. I will have another look around tomorrow.

I would check if the company making your usual food have changed the way they produce the food or the ingredients. If not you may just have had some with damaged packaging. Hopefully you will hear back from them soon.

Yeah, that’s why I am struggeling :frowning: and was sooo happy I finally found a food he was good on and that I could just work with toppers (because I don’t think it is balanced enough feeding it alone).

Thanks for checking, please let me know if you find anything.

I was forwarded to the company’s boss, but haven’t heard yet, though he may need to check the actual production first before responding…

Until then it is tuna/salmon tins, the 100% turkey tins I have still and rice/potatos and beets. Not great as he needs to gain weight too, but what can I do?

Not much luck so far. I have found this but cant remember if it is one you have tried burnssensitive