Hello from Yorkshire

So happy to have found your site. Very useful information. I own two Shih Tzu’s, both 1 1/2 yrs old.
My male is a allergic and sensitive dog and by trial and error found the foods he’s allergic to and how to care for his skin so he isn’t so itchy. He also is prone to tear staining and red dye yeast…which I’ve just got cleared up.
They both eat home cooked and after worrying they may not be getting all the vitamins …I just received my first bag of Lily’s Kitchen Chicken & Duck. He also is very finicky about his food and what he likes this week, he won’t touch next week.
While they were being baby sat at their Uncles they loved LK which was in their dogs bowl… so I’m trying a bag and the breakfast crunch.
Won’t be the first time I’ve tried a new food…if it doesn’t work out, it too will go to the bin. Fingers Crossed.

Hello and welcome Pipsmum,
I think you have a common problem with a finicky dog. I know people who regularly donate uneaten food to shelters because their dogs have decided they don’t like food they ate just fine before. I hope this latest one works out.

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Hello and welcome from another ‘tyke’ (you will know what I mean LOL). I can’t help you on the fussy eater syndrome because my three will eat anything that is put in front of them. In fact in all the years I have had dogs, not one of them has been fussy unless they were ill. I hope that the Lily’s Kitchen works out but I reckon a bit of firmness might be in order. ::slight_smile: Well done for locating the source of your male dog’s sensitivity - sometimes it’s not easy to do.

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Thank you for the tip about uneaten food being donated. I never even thought of that. :slight_smile:
My spoiled rotten baby’s go on strike 4-5 days without eating just to prove their point that they will not touch it. (Kibble).
But they do eat their home cooking meals consistently. I feed commercial kibble only for the extra vitamins and minerals they may be lacking in.
Thank you again for the warm welcome.