Feeding the fussy dog

David has just added a super new article by Roz Pooley to the website. Why is my dog a fussy eater? is well worth reading and should be a useful resource for pet owners who are struggling with this problem.


That was a really interesting read. Not having a ‘fussy dog’ I always assumed it was often behavioural. I suppose our dogs can’t tell us if the food is making them feel ill. I also suffer from IBS and only eat wheat very occasionally, so it makes sense that dogs may avoid foods they associate with discomfort :cry:

Watching my dog, It is clear that she gets something from chewing fresh new grass and eating it frantically at times, presumably to settle her stomach. She also went through a spell of eating earth clods when she was on one food so I wondered if she was getting something that she was lacking. I changed food and it stopped.

Food for thought indeed.

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Thanks for giving us the heads up Dottie.

Might I also comment on what is an excellent article - yes, it is well worth reading. The author draws our attention to plenty of interesting reasons regarding why our dogs may not be enjoying eating their meals as much as we may appreciate…

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My Pet Nutritionist blog: Why Is My Dog A Fussy Eater?

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My Pet Nutritionist blog: 5 Top Tips for Dealing with a Fussy Eater.

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