Strict diet and fussy eaters


Just wondering if anyone had some advice for me. I have 3 dogs a lab and springer both aged one and a working cocker aged 7 months. They are excercised between 1 to 1.5 hours a day.

Both the lab and cocker are on strict grain free hypoallergenic diets, otherwise my lab has colitis and my cocker is violently sick. My lab also has trouble with skin rashes on her underside.

I’ve tried various foods for them, unfortunately my lab and springer (who is perfectly healthy but is kept on same diet) are fussy eaters and after a few months stop eating.

So far we have tried Wainrights, Europa (which I thought was the best food with best benefits), Wolfheart Millie’s which wasn’t good for any of the dogs (I don’t think the protein content agreed with them) and now we are on our local independent shop choice, which is fine for the older 2 but I’ve had to purchase multi vitamin capsules for the cocker to ensure she is getting the correct vitamins and minerals.

They do get occasional treats but these are also grain free, as I said their diet has to be managed carefully.

All their food is measured out to the exact gram, however they usually all end up eating each other’s. I go by the guidelines for their weights and ages.

I’ve been looking at Essential foods, but I’m unsure if and how the BOF principle works.

I just wondered what anyone else who is in a similar position feeds their dogs? I want to stay on dry food it’s just finding the right one at the moment.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum. If I read your post correctly, you need a dry grain free food product that is moderate in protein content. You don’t mention all the food that you have tried but you mention that your dogs tire of kibble. Have you looked at grain free cold pressed food? There aren’t so many on the market - most contain brown rice. If you are interested, check out the thread on cold pressed food here. It would be suitable for all three dogs - it is just the quantity that requires adjustment.

Zooplus and Bitiba sell a selection of cold pressed foods. The two grain free ones that spring to mind and are not on those websites are Pure Dog and Guru Full on Feast. The latter is a UK company so you can telephone for advice and a sample if you wish. Full on Feast contains three oils that may well help your dog with the skin issue. Recently we have heard from Prins Petfood who sell cold pressed food - might be worth checking if they have a grain free one.

Cold pressed food can be moistened with tepid water to make it into the consistency of choice - takes about ten minutes. You can ring the changes by providing a suitable small amount of home cooked topper e.g. cooked, pureed vegetables, fish, chicken, sardines, egg. These provide a different aroma and taste, thus preventing your dogs from becoming bored with their food.

David has written about feeding fussy eaters here.

We would appreciate some feedback on your thread as we always find it helpful. I hope that you are able to find a suitable solution to your feeding problems.


Hello elfie73 and welcome to the forum!

Some great advice from Dottie already, and if I might also advocate trying cold pressed in this instance.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how cold pressed food is tolerated thus far when eaten by an intolerent-of-several-ingredients( :o) young dog here.

If you suspect your dogs may prefer a change from a completely dry dog food, another suggestion may be to try a semi-moist dry dog food. These type of foods are mentioned in the allaboutdogfood dog food directory here:

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Thank you for the mention Dottie. I can confirm that we have an entire grain free range of pressed foods. We have a grain free sensible hypoallergenic product (which is listed on this site) as well as a grain free pressed puppy food which would be suitable for elfie’s Cocker - my parent’s have 11 Cocker Spaniels (yes, I know they’re mad) which are on this food.

I hope this is ok to mention here but elfie (or anybody else), if you would like a free sample of either product please do get in touch and I can arrange that.

*We also have a grain free senior food too.

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