Picky Eater and Sesitive Stomach

Hi - I need help - I rescues my Yorkie Cross 3 years ago and after trying every food available and her suffering from monthly bouts of the runs we finally settled on Chappie. This has worked a treat for the last 9 months, not one upset stomach. However she is now turning her nose up at it…I have tried mixing it with fresh cooked chicken, fish, tuna…she will eat for a couple of days and then stop again almost as if she is bored of it. Can anyone help with any suggestions as I really don’t want to have to change her food again…Thanks Karen

Hello and welcome to the forum. I agree that it may cause problems again if you change. The fact that she goes off any extras after a day or two suggests that she is being picky and perhaps holding out to see if something tasty is offered instead.

I can only suggest removing her food if uneaten after a short time and try again for the next meal feeding no treats in between. Hopefully she will eat when hungry. I have never had to deal with a fussy eater. If she doesn’t start eating perhaps worth seeing your vet in case there is anything physically wrong with her. Good Luck

You say that she had monthly bouts of the runs and I am wondering if you found the cause of this and if you had a diagnosis from the vet? Is she still having bowel problems or has this completely cleared up? I just wanted to rule out any digestive issues. One of my dogs used to go off her food but she had colitis and that was a significant factor. If you feel that her condition warrants it, have her examined by the vet. If she has pain the vet will be able to tell when he examines her.

What is her oral health like? Does she have any tartar, bad teeth or sore gums? If so, see the vet for advice.

The other issue is overfeeding. Is it possible that you are giving too much? Do you weigh her food to make sure that she gets the correct amount each day? If not, buy a digital scale and weigh all her food. Obviously don’t give treats as these will take the edge off her appetite.

You don’t say whether you are giving dry or wet Chappie. If it is the former, try adding warm water. It makes the food smellier and aroma is what attracts dogs so they enjoy it more. The Chappie dry review on the Dog Food Directory is here. It contains a lot of cereal and your dog might just not find this appetising. Dogs need good quality, digestible meat protein.

Fussy eaters often do better with wet food but again, it is important to give the right amount so weighing is useful, at least at first. I understand why you would not want to change her food again but you will have to weigh up the pros and cons of this. We can help you to find something else. Remember that the better quality foods have a named meat source at the top of the list of ingredients.

Thank u for the reply…I decided to do the removing her food tonight…she ate a small amount and then left it so I have removed it…do u try again in a few hours?

Hi I use wet food as she will not eat dry full stop lol…I took her to the vets every month with the runs and they told me she had a sensitive stomach and to try raw food or chappie. She wouldn’t eat the raw food…her bouts have cleared up although she ate some chicken bones in the park last month and had to b treated for colitis. I have tried mixing with gravy and water with dry food to no avail. I think I maybe try to compensate with treats so cutting them out. I’m maybe my own worst enemy lol…strict from today x

Kazza - now that you have given us more history, I cannot help but feel that your dog might not be fussy. Perhaps it is her digestive problems that are causing this. I think your vet had a good idea in suggesting raw. It is a shame she wouldn’t eat it. What type/s did you try?

I think it might be worth considering a couple of things:

  1. Good quality wet food, maybe grain free e.g. Wainwright’s.
  2. Cold pressed food. It is thought to be useful for dogs like yours. I don’t know if it will help but it could be worth trying. If you are minded to go with this, use the contact information on the Gentle website because the lady whose company it is will give you advice and support. The problem is that the smallest bags are 5kg which is a lot when you don’t know if it will help so maybe ask if she could sell you a smaller amount. The food can be softened with warm water and a lot of dogs take to it very readily.

If you want to stick with Chappie then as you say, stop the treats and see if that will encourage her to eat it. I hope that she settles down again.

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Morning - thank you for your reply - day 2 in Mummy vs Mia lol

I removed the food last night and put some fresh down this morning and she ate half of it Hip Hip Hooray - I have now removed it and will put some more down at tea time. Only 1 treat given for going for a wee before bed last night…Positive start :smiley:

I will try this for a while and if doesn’t work I will look at the foods mentioned.

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I hope that things improve for your dog. Please let us know how you get on.