Fussy eater

My 12 week French bulldog pup has become extremely fussy with his food after having his 2nd vaccination and microchip last Thursday. I have been feeding him Royal Canin (as recommended by the breeder) and started the change over process to Millie’s wolfheart which was going very well until Thursday. Now he doesn’t want either food. I’ve been wetting with warm water and picking the food up after 10 minutes and still no luck. I’ve also tried to entice him with minced chicken and tripe and he still isn’t interested. At best he might eat a very small amount but nothing more. Other than that he is absolutely fine- running around playing, drinking etc but I am getting a bit concerned as he was a hearty eater before and is starting to lose weight. I don’t want to change his food as I really don’t want a fussy dog when it comes to food.

Any ideas?

It’s not unusual for dogs to lose their appetite for a few days after their jabs, but if you are getting concerned a phone call to your vets this morning is worthwhile to put your mind at ease

Try not to add the “toppers” to the food if you don’t want to feed this way all the time, it will only encourage additional fussyness, your dog will begin to hold out until the topper is given.

Hope his appetite returns soon

Many thanks, much appreciated. He has started to eat small amounts again but certainly not with the same enthusiasm as before. However, he seems very happy and not showing any signs of illness.

Good to hear he’s feeling a little better

I know a few owners who have dogs who can refuse to eat in the hope that something more to their liking will be produced for them. Often this tactic works well. It sounds like you are doing the right thing by taking uneaten food up. I would also avoid feeding anything else until the next meal time.

It is such a hard one because there is always the worry that they genuinely have gone off the food. I would persevere and if he doesn’t eat better soon or shows any signs of illness, get him checked over. I hope things improve. I have been lucky with mine and have never known her refuse anything!

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