Can’t find any food my dog will eat!

I can’t find any food my dog likes! James Wellbeloved, Arden grange, Origen, Akala, Fish4Dogs, butternut…a number of others…I’ve tried adding water, gravy ,heating it leaving it dry, mixing it with each other…she’s 9 months old and generally only eats the evening meal so is eating only half of what she is supposed to. She was eating gentle but with warm water, then lost interest in that…tried gravy tried mixing with butternut (will only eat the lamb one) now…lost interest in that! She was a good weight but has started to drop a little…

We have a few threads on fussy eaters. Here are two:
If you type the word ‘fussy’ into the search box, there are more.

The main thing is to make sure that the dog is healthy and is not intolerant to anything. Check the teeth and gums too. If all is well, then choose a good quality product and stick with it. Generally speaking, dogs are tempted by aroma so anything you can do to stimulate the olfactory senses is useful e.g. warming the food, giving a tasty topper e,g. sardines.

Dehydrated foods might fit the bill but at some point you may need to say enough is enough and stick with one product. Remember that if your dog happily takes a biscuit or leftovers of your food, there is probably not much amiss.

You have tried various decemt quality dry extruded kibbles and a decent cold pressed.

If ok with concept of same maybe try raw complete or home cooked…assuming dog health issues ruled out.