Advice on the best food for a fussy german shepherd

Hello everyone,I’m knew to this forum but i need some advice about the best food to give a fussy german shephwrd,i have tried so many…anyone have any brands thet have tried please thank you.

Hi, can you tell a bit more about your dog? eg Boy or girl, age, allergies or intolerance, weight.
Is there any pattern to food preference, eg does your dog start on a new food enthusiastically and then go off it or is less predictable?
Which foods have you tried? What is your budget?


have you tried pure, a food your have to re hydrate with warm water, I have done a link on here about it and from the reviews most people say that their dog loves it when all the other foods they will not touch. My dog is on a this and raw. or you could try raw Luna and me is a good company .
I hope that you can find a food that your dog likes. :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome to the forum Tinaliz21. As WarfieldWolf has said, we need more information from you. There is a thread here about feeding the fussy dog. You should also examine your dog’s mouth carefully for dental and gum problems.

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