Hi to all

Hi I have a 9 month old German shepherd who has allergies, I am looking at the best food to put him on to give him the best chance to combact the allergies. Many thanks.

Hi Titanif, I’m going through exactly the same myself and understand just how stressful and upsetting it can be to see your doggo in distress.

I have to take my son out to an appointment soon so don’t have time for a chat right now, but will try and make time later. Maybe we can share anything we’ve tried so far? I also joined to seek help from those far more experienced in this field! Over the last couple of months I think I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours researching allergies and dog nutrition, supplements etc. I’ve learnt more than I knew, but also realised this subject is far far bigger than I had imagined and it would be great if we could get some help from people more knowledgeable than us lol :wink:

I’ll add some info about my lovely boy and his issues later.
See you in a bit x