Food For My Dog With Allergies - HELP :?

Hello, I am looking for some help regarding finding a suitable (ideally dry) dog food for my Poogle (Beagle x Miniature Poodle) aged 2.
She has allergies to various foods, professionally tested via vets lab test.

The report states that she is highly allergic to (0 low to 5 very high);

Corn (5)
Beet Pulp (4)
Lamb (4)
Barley (3)
Potato (3) - sweet potato is ok
Rice (3)
Beef (3)
Pork (3)
Soybean (3)
Chicken (3)
Turkey (3)
Venison (3)
Ostrich (3)
Rabbit (2)
Salmon (2)
Cows Milk (2)
Egg (2)
Duck (2)
Tuna (2)
Wheat (2)
Millet (2)

White Fish (1)
Oat (1)

So based on that we are looking for something probably WHITE FISH & SWEET POTATO based avoiding anything with a (3) or above.
It’s prooving a little difficult to find an actual dog food, it might be that we need to make meals but hoping we can find a bagged food that has little of the high numbers. Price isn’t an issue if we can find something right for her, she is about 10kg and could do with maybe losing 1kg over time.

Can anyone help? We’ve looked at loads of food and their ingredients and they all somewhere seem to contain something. I understand that most foods are likely to contain something but if we can find something with as low as possible a reaction number that would be a big help.

Thanks guys!


Hi Nick like you have a dog with allergies , proteins all bar fish or pork, barley, kelp (seaweed), other allergies too, as to diet l googled many dry foods , l hope this may help though your dog is a 2 to salmon . l found Simpsons Salmon/potato contains no meat derivitives, no seaweed , and for the last 14 months Zephyr has thrived , he had a bad bacterial infection all over his body 14 months ago, was on steriods , anti fungal/bacterial bathing , Found the food , this was the main priority, bathed him twice weekly in Aqueos dog shampoo . within 6wks bacteria gone, coat started growing back, no medication , and glad to say a picture of health , just been to vets for his boosters and they are so pleased how he looks, before and after photo’s . Has had one hiccup in 14 months l walked him through a small woods autumn , and the leaves started itches , but bathed him straight away, and all good , Most of the dry foods contain chicken / beef stock , so you have to be careful , Zephyr will always stay on Simpsons food now . Best of luck

Zephyr’s after photo

Hello and welcome to the forum Lunadog. What are your dog’s symptoms? Is it affecting the skin, ears or digestive system?
You can use the filters on the Dog Food Directory to find a suitable food. It’s a long list of ingredients and in view of this it might be worth looking at wet food because they tend to have simpler recipes. Home cooking could be a good option. We Cook for Dogs might be worth contacting for help. Butternut Box and Different Dog sell home cooked food but their recipes might contain ingredients that you don’t want. There are a number of threads on the forum about allergies - if you use the search box you will be able to find them.

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Akela do a kangeroo wet food that might suit. Meat love sell pure single source wet food in horse and goat flavour too. You could add a suitable veggies or something like smartbarf that people add to raw food to get a better balanced diet & fibre


Hi, looking at your list of foods to avoid I noticed there may be some alternatives that you could try with help from your vet. I cook for my dog who can happily eat anything so I can really use different ingredients. She likes and has no problems with excess or any wind or smelly skin, itching etc: lentils, chickpea, sorghum wheat, carrots, parsnip, apple, strawberries, raspberries, banana, pear, butternut squash and broccoli. All have a fairly good range of nutrients. If your dog can tolerate goat milk and cheese it may also be possible to go vegetarian for a short amount of time with vet supervision so some of the symptoms settle down, ie just goat cheese and veg no soya. This is assuming you haven’t found a commercial food yet.

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