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Hi i am new to the forum.
I have two Border Terriers .Maggie and Alfie.We have just found out Maggie is allergic to all animal protein except rabbit .She can have white fish but not salmon.Nothing else showed up on her blood screening tests.
I have been feeding her on Wainwrights dried different meat varieties and salmon but now all that has to change.Currently i have her on grainfree and white fish although she is fine with grains i did not have the choice.Pets at home used to do a rabbit and grain free but that seems to be unavailable now.
I am just wondering if anybody knows of another dried good food on the market that i could feed her on.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about this allergy. It will make things difficult. After a brief look many of the rabbit based foods still have other animal or salmon protein in. I will keep looking and see. Hopefully somebody else may know of a suitable food.

Hello and welcome to the forum. How did you find out that your dog was allergic to all these things? Do you consider the results to be reliable? The problem that you have with commercial dog food is that even if you buy one that is suitable in terms of allergy, there is no knowing what product was on the production line before that one. It is the same with nut allergy in humans and that is why manufacturers sometimes have a warning on their product labels. We can help you to use the Dog Food Directory Filters if you wish but with all these intolerances/allergies I think you would be better off getting to grips with home cooking for your dog. This will take some effort and study but I suspect it would be worth it.

Puh rabbit is a tough one. Mine can have duck, luckily, which is easier to find, although I now feed a wet food and add fresh. It may be the only option for you in the end. Is it only the meats that he reacts too? Mine has many intolerances and I found that with any dried food I would end up getting issues because there would be stuff in it that was not supposed to be in and/or he may have been reacting to the preservatives too.

You may want to consider trying to find 100% meat tins (I feed “Hermanns”, which is a German brand, not sure if they have rabbit only tins) and then add your own veggies/carbs. It is easier than homecooking as you do not have to cook any meat and the tins include bones, etc. Just need to do some calculations to try and balance it and/or feed a variety as much as possible. You can also try and find someone more experienced to help you.

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Thanks for your reply.It is always helpful to hear what people have to say.I can actually feed her white fish .The only one that fits the bill is grain free wainwrights .James well beloved do one but in the ingredients it states it is predominably white fish which is no good as she cannot have salmon.
I have cooked her a rabbit and froze it in portions just to give her a change but i don’t think i will be doing that so often as it was a real performance.
Well i have her on the wainwrights at the moment so fingers crossed .

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