Hello everyone!

Hi, I am so excited to join this community!
As owner of a dog with a long list of food intolerances, I’ve been reading this website extensively for the past few years, but only now I decided to join the forum.
I look forward to get in touch with like-minded dog lovers who desire their best friends wellbeing above everything.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. It is good to hear that you find the website useful. Intolerances can be a big problem - hopefully you are able to manage the ones that your dog has.

Hi Dottie!
So far with the elimination diet I have found she’s intolerant to chicken and lamb, but she’s fine with turkey and duck. This has given me a few options so for the moment I’m not looking into it any longer. Eventually I will have to start again to explore other proteins but it’s been a tough year for her, being on antibiotics for half of the time and we both deserve some rest!

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Hi Meg!
Actually I opted for raw food for the elimination diet. Since I wasn’t sure whether it was allergy or intolerance, I couldn’t risk finding traces of unwanted food so raw was pretty much the only option to keep tight control over the ingredients. I could have tried hydrolised food but I kept that as last resort.
I have started feeding kibble again 2 weeks ago, so far she seems to be coping fine.

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Hello and welcome to the forum,
It is good that you have found some foods which are well tolerated. There seem to be lots of things happening in terms of different protein sources so hopefully you will soon be spoilt for choice.

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I’m very happy to say that Red_Akita is going to be our newest moderator here on the forum as well as helping out with other elements on the site.

As he has mentioned, he has plenty of experience with dealing with doggy dietary problems and has actually decided to make a career change into pet nutrition! I for one can’t wait to hear how the journey progresses!

Welcome on board Red_Akita. I’m sure you’ll be a huge asset to our amazing community!


That is excellent news and I am delighted that you have joined us Red_Akita. I was thinking that your experience of the management of food intolerances would be very useful and was hoping you would continue to support the forum. Thank you for being a part of this community.

Great news. The forum will benefit greatly from a pet nutritionist. It is great that you have joined Red_Akita.