Hi, I have a GR who is allergic to soya, corn, wheat, rice and peas. Does anyone know of any foods out there without these ingredients in them. She is 12 months old, thanks

Golden Retriever


1 year old

we have just tried Angell salmon and sweet potato but she is no better, it has peas in it. Am trying Wafcol salmon and potato now as suggested by the vet, she was on this for a couple of weeks but was mad on eating the other dogs pooh’s, so tried the Angell dog food, this solved the pooh eating but she isn’t improving. I am going to give the Wafcol a good go now until I can something more suitable

Nature of the problem, including how long your dog has had it: sore ear, anal glands, purple feet and bleeding nails

Known allergies/intolerances: Soya Corn Wheat Rice and peas

General health: good condition

Veterinary consultations - include any advice and medication that was given: was given Medrone and change food

Hello Janice. Welcome to the forum. Your GR certainly seems to have problems. Thank you for filling in the template. How did you find out that she was allergic to all of these? Has she been tested?

If you would like to use the Dog Food Directory of this website you may be able to find something suitable. The Dog Food Directory is under the Foods tab to the left of the lime green bar at the top of the page. Looking to the left you will see the Filters section below Brands. It’s quite straightforward - you just go down each one and select the ones that apply to your dog. When that is done, click ‘Go’ and it will give you all the products that will be suitable.

I have just done this, applying the filters in accordance with your post and have come up with four pages of suitable foods but there isn’t a filter for peas so of those ones that came up, you would need to check out the ingredients of them. Be careful to avoid pea starch and pea flower as these are often used as fillers. For instance, one of the foods on my four page list is Fish4Dogs and that contains pea flour.

The filters I used are:
Type of Food: Dry, wet and raw
Food Properties: Natural, grain free and hypoallergenic.
Avoid Ingredients: all red ingredients, all cereals, artificial additives.

You can tweak these filters further if you wish. Some people would advise a raw diet. There are vets who don’t approve of raw feeding but the prepared meals that you can buy now are very good. However, you do need freezer space and may have to order them online. Nutriment, Natures Menu (check the recipes because some of theirs contain rice) and Natural Instinct are three companies who sell these complete meal foods.


Some of the natures menu foods have peas in so that would be something else to check. My dog does well on the nutriment. She doesn’t have any allergies but she has not had any digestive issues. Some people fear that raw which is high in protein, can cause hyperactivity but I have not experienced this.

I hope you can find a good solution. All those allergies must be miserable for her.