Hi - fussy elderly Yorkie!

So I have a 15 year old Yorkshire terrier bitch. She’s doing well for her age although she has had quite a few teeth removed over the years and she does sometimes suffer with skin problems.
She is extremely fussy and we struggle to get her to eat enough, we usually have to mix in a lot chicken or liver before she will even consider it.
Can anyone recommend a good palatable wet food (she can’t manage biscuits) preferably one that is hypo allergenic? I feed our other dog wainwrights but this one doesn’t seem to like it much. All she will eat at the moment with any gusto is tripe.
Any recommendations welcome.

Hello and welcome to the forum. It sounds as if you are doing the right thing in looking for a wet food - they tend to be more palatable for fussy eaters, particularly older ones. If you go over to the Dog Food Directory here and look at ‘Filters’ on the left hand side you will be able to narrow down the types that are available.

Here are some suggestions regarding the filters to use but you can tweak it:
Type of Food - wet (remove ticks from all other boxes).
Food Properties - all natural, hypoallergenic.
Avoid Ingredients - place tick in all red box.
It has returned 3 pages so if you do the same you will be able to have a look through them.

A few that spring to mind are Burns Penlan Farm, Forthglade, Naturediet, Natures Menu pouches, Wainwright’s grain free but check them out yourself and see which ones you think will suit your little dog.

Have got some forthglade and wainwrights today will give it a go fingers crossed she will eat it!
Thank you x

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope she gets on well with the new foods.

Thank you. She’s eating the wainwrights at the moment so fingers crossed she doesn’t change her mind lol!

Canagan and Natures Menu do some spectacular wet food. Grain free and hypoallergenic!