'All life stages' - High Calcium

Can anybody explain to me why a number of foods graded on this website, that claim to be suitable for all life stages despite having such high calcium levels, receive such high scores?

I know, having spoke to nutritionists at Golden Acres that foods with such high levels of calcium are not suitable for pups and they would not allow some of these foods (that they actually manufacture) to be called all life stages on their packaging. They are however being sold and are listed on this site as all life stage.

Hi Poppy and thanks for posting. Right now all of our ratings are based purely on the stated ingredients and the feeding recommendations that we publish are identical to those of the manufacturer. However, we are in the middle of overhauling our rating algorithm and I can tell you that nutrient levels will soon form an important part of each product’s overall score and will also affect what dogs we recommend the food for.


i would to see you consider calcium , protein ,and carbohydrates to determine the quality of the food .

Are the rating calculation changes overhauled and actual rating actualized?

Sadly not yet 4max but we are working on it. Bear with us.