Bella and Duke

Bella and Duke (Perthshire) are looking to move to a 100% recyclable solution for their frozen raw dog food deliveries and testing a cool wool insulation option to put in their cardboard boxes which looks very promising.


Looks like Bella & Duke are working on a exciting new project.

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Bella and Duke have added “Enriched Complete” to their range.

I forgot that I had already paid for a box of this a month ago to arrive now. It came today when I was out. By the time my OH got home it had been on the doorstep for a couple of hours at least in this heat. He found that it had been packed in a trial box with dry ice and was very well frozen still. I can’t comment on the food as yet as we still have some left from our last batch to use.

Tinyplanets, glad, your delivery was well frozen, as a matter of interest was this with or without Woolcool?

Seaweed, there was no wool coat just some brown paper and and white bag containing the ice. You have to avoid picking it up without gloves and leave to evaporate in a well ventilated area before disposing of it.

Bella and Duke now have two Dry Raw products, they have also added a new treat range.

Video, Buy Rabbit Ears for Dogs | 100% Natural | Bella & Duke

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Bella and Duke partners with Therapy Dogs Nationwide.
My dog is RAW fed, can they still become a Therapy Dog?

thanks for the article about this topic