Pet shop Owners - the honest and no so honest ones

Hi folks. Just wondered what thoughts were about pet shops passing off food as developed by them when it’s actually just white labelled? There are a couple of small independent retailers here in devon who do exactly that - it smacks of dishonesty to me (the food itself has been analysed in previous forums here and isn’t actually too bad at all). Anyway (post digresses) I moved my 3 onto raw about 5 months ago - fell for a 50% off Bella & Duke, but then the full cost started to take it’s toll!! I asked advice at another independent pet shop here in Plymouth (only because it’s next door to my vet) and the owner offered some alternatives, but he also suggested I check out a website called allaboutdogfood !!! That’s more like it, isn’t it? I was already aware of this fabulous site as had issues with my rescue lurcher when we first got him in 2018 - tbh, the issue was he’s a lurcher, and therefore also a player - Needless to say, that guy now gets all of my business. My bedlington/whippet, JRT, and Shih Tzu x Poodle are currently thriving on a mix of Nutriment, Natures Menu and DAF and I’ve halved their food bill :slight_smile: