Top of the shops

For people who do not use Facebook, David has a new thread running on the AADF FB page - Top of the shops:

[i]We're looking for nominations for our Top of Shops feature! Has your local pet shop helped you to make the best choices for your best friend? If so, we want to know! Good independent pet shops are amongst the only places to get unbiased feeding advice but with the rise of pet superstore chains and online pet stores, times are tough for the independent trade. That's why we're doing our best to support independents through our unique store finder (link below) and a slot for the best of the best on our home page. So if your local pet shop is the cat's pyjamas, let us know![/i]
I like to support small, local independent retailers as much as I can but unfortunately I have no choice but to buy my dog food online as there is nobody in my area who stocks it. :(