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I am not new to the site but new as a member. I’ve noticed that there aren’t many reviews for Raw food brands in particular I was looking for ProDog Raw this evening but couldn’t find anything. I can see that Nutriment and one other have reviews and I wondered what is the criteria for a company appearing on this site and whether we could get more raw food brands on the site? I used to feed DAF and Tammy and they aren’t on here either.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I hadn’t heard of Prodog Raw so thank you for letting us know about it. I have split your post to make a separate thread because I thought it would be useful to have it in our raw feeding section of the forum.

Their website is here. The company is DEFRA approved and based in Hull.

Regarding the Dog Food Directory, Prodog can enter their products themselves so you could ask them to do so if you wish. I had a look on the website and the ingredient list is under the Nutritional Analysis tab. The Duck Complete formula into the Instant Review Generator and it returned 4.6.

Jellard86 - I have discussed your request with David, the site owner and asked him to enter the information about ProDog Raw. We also now have a thread about requests for submissions to the Directory: Foods not yet listed on the site.

If you enter the ingredient list into the Instant Review Generator the results will provide links to content about the specific ingredients. You might find that a good learning tool and it could help you with your selection.

Any product can be entered into the Dog Food Directory. I don’t know why DAF and Tammy aren’t there but the companies can enter the information themselves or request that it be added.

Edit: David has entered the first of the ProDog range - ProDog Raw Adult.

Vet Nick Thompson talks to Heidi Maskelyne of ProDog Raw.

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Prodog Raw have launched an “Economy Core” range.