Paleo Ridge Raw

I’ve just found this company, and am wondering if anyone else has heard of them or even uses any of their products. Their prices seem to be quite competitive compared to other raw food suppliers.

The company is based local to me (14 miles) but I only now found out about them by chance as my dog training club is moving onto the same Farm Complex. I have lived in this area for over 20 years and have never heard of this company!

Not heard of them but have just seen that they have a Facebook closed group. Their website is here. The company is DEFRA approved and their website looks interesting. From their home page: " I am also very happy to offer advice to those who have non working dogs, but we do only sell working dog food." They are in Droxford, Hampshire, postcode SO32 3QY.

I am not an experienced raw feeder and in any case I give mine complete raw so it was easiest to compare their products in that category. There is a good choice and they are balanced - 80% meat/10% bone and 10% offal. I pay £3.45 for 1kg and their packs have a range of prices so it is difficult to compare. There is no veg or fruit though so if the owner wants their dog to have these they would need to add that to the price.

You are lucky to have this facility so close to home. I know that your preferred method of feeding is raw but you have limited freezer space so maybe this could bring that a step closer.

Thank you for letting us know about this company.