Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food Products

Low fat, boneless Camel chunks are now available from Paleo Ridge Raw.


Gosh, that must come a long way across the world! :o

Paleo Ridge Raw are now selling a Kangaroo (certified free range) Lamb tripe and organic chicken complete 1kg,
20% Kangaroo (free range) , 50% Lamb tripe, 20% Organic Chicken with bone, 5% ox liver, 5% ox kidney/spleen.

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Thank you for updating us on these unusual products. I’ve merged the two topics to keep all the Paleo Ridge information together. There are several novel proteins there - possibly useful for dogs with intolerances. I know a couple of pet owners who use these products and find that their dogs like PR because it is in chunks and not minced.


Thanks Dottie. I feed mainly Paleo Ridge Raw. I like their ethics and that they actually mention the abattoirs they use are inspected “I personally check abattoirs that I purchase from. Having worked at an organic abattoir I am very aware of good practice, high standards and humane slaughter. I will not buy from any source that does not meet high ethical and animal welfare standards. Animal welfare is the highest priority for me when sourcing raw food for my dogs. Intensive factory farming goes hand in hand with poor animal welfare and unsatisfactory conditions”. You will often see companies say ethically sourced, DEFRA approved but do not expand further enough for me.


I agree with all you say Seaweed, particularly about animal welfare. Only a couple of months ago I read an article in the news regarding a report looking into the hygiene in UK abattoirs - Fears of ‘dirty meat’ entering food chain after 25% of abattoirs fail tests.
From the article:

[i]An analysis of government audits carried out at more than 300 abattoirs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland identified major hygiene failings in more than a quarter of the meat plants. [/i]
Some of it makes grim reading.
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Yes Dottie grim reading and it’s not like it’s the odd abattoir, which is why it is so important dog food companies whether raw, dry or wet communicate far better with their customers over their ethics and the abattoirs they use. Sadly there are other reports that also make grim reading.

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That is heart breaking. I cannot understand why this so called ‘civilised’ country can allow such inhumane treatment. :frowning:

Paleo Ridge Raw earn prestigious Organic certification.

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Paleo Ridge Raw have just launched their new website.

A nice website with clear information about sourcing and packaging. Competitive prices too.

Paleo Ridge Raw has launched a new range in 200g re-sealable pouches called Ready Raw., not on website at present and no prices mentioned.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I have just ordered a taster hamper to see if Copper is good on this food, He has Luna and me at the moment, food is very good, :slight_smile: but am a bit fed up with all of the plastic and polystyrene boxes. ::slight_smile: Thank for sharing this information. I am in Hampshire so they are not very far away. :slight_smile:

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Rebecca, not sure if it will not come in a polystyrene box as “Woolcool” is only used on 10Kg and over, however if you are not far away? I would be very interested in any feedback on PRR and Copper. I have to say our Griffon absolutely loves it and there’s always a clean bowel, without fail.

News on Ready Raw.

Not to worry if it comes in a polystyrene box this time, if it suits him then I will swap to a bigger order, and then at least that one will come with a wool box. :slight_smile:
I have gone for a tripe free box, someone said on the reviews the tripe made the beard on their dog smell for a bit, do you have the same problem with your dog with tripe or it is not something to worry about .

Yes Tripe is smelly stuff and will give dogs smelly faces and beards but watching those moments of a dog’s happy anticipation of an enjoyable meal makes it all worth while for me, one can always wipe their face after but the smell will probably still linger on a bit.

I have just received the box and as you say it came in a polystyrene box , but not to worry. I was slightly surprised that it came with a very large sheet of bubble wrap, which I normally reuse when I send knitted goods to charities, but as it came with raw dog food and I do not know how clean it really is, so sadly it had gone in the bin.
so have also ordered a taster box with naturaw as they seem very good too.
I will try Copper on the new food tomorow and let you know what he thinks and what his tummy thinks. :slight_smile:

Copper has been on PPR now for a good week now, he is not as good in the bottom end as he was on Luna and me :-\ so when it has finished I will try him back on Luna and me and then on to Naturaw and see if he is any better.
I have a friend how has a german shepherd and he did not do well on PPR either.