The best things about the updated AADF website

I keep popping back to the updated AADF website and I have to say that it is a big improvement, although I liked the other one too. I know that it has been well received but I just wondered what you consider to be your favourite and perhaps most useful thing? I particularly like the store location section because the better quality foods, along with a greater selection are more likely to be found in specialised pet shops. The supermarkets are convenient and cheap but have poorer quality food. They make a good profit anyway so I would like to see more people going to specialised pet food supply shops. There was something else that I particularly liked but I have forgotten what it is. :-\ Will post back when I remember! LOL

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I absolutely love comparing the foods. Well I am slightly addicted I think I have to admit! The forum is just great too. It is so nice to be able to chat here and not bore people with dog food chat as we all have a shared interest. :slight_smile:

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Agreed Louise. I can usually see people switch off when I start talking about dog food. ;D

I also love the compare tool. It is good to see how any foods you might be considering compare in all aspects and makes it much easier to get a full picture.

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would say all the site is useful if choosing something it would be the instant review generator its easy to use all i do is if there’s not already a review on here i find a site that as the product with the ingredient information then paste and copy to this site and that’s it a much easier way to understand what’s in the food

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